Pine Croft Meadow Preserve

Pine Croft Meadow Preserve

Mead Street
9 acres

Pine Croft is a gently sloping, open meadow full of native grasses, wildflowers, rushes, sedges, and shrubs. The trail is a simple path that runs along the driveway into the preserve, crossing a small bridge over a stream and then following a mowed path through the meadow.

Various goldenrods are abundant in late summer and fall. The preserve attracts thousands of insects, from beetles, wasps, and bees to moths, dragonflies, and butterflies – monarchs, tiger swallowtails, and orange fritillaries and others.

Rodent tunnels can be found weaving in and out of the dense meadow vegetation and raptors can be spotted overhead dining on those small mammals. American kestrels – our smallest falcons – can often be found hunting in and around Pine Croft. The preserve is also a good place to observe songbirds.

The preserve is one of the actively managed meadows in the Eastern Westchester Biotic Corridor, a 22,000-acre section of Lewisboro, Pound Ridge and North Salem with unusually high biodiversity values.

As with WLT’s Tom Burke Preserve in Bedford Hills, the meadow habitat of Pine Croft is maintained by annual mowing, which prevents the growth of woody plants and promotes the growth of flowers, grasses and sedges. Pine Croft Meadow Preserve was donated in memory of L. Emery Katzenbach, by his family.

Directions: The Pine Croft Meadow Preserve is located off Route 35 on Mead Street in Lewisboro. The preserve entrance is on the left just past the Waccabuc Country Club. Turn left into the preserve and park in the mowed area on right side of the driveway. This driveway is shared with a private landowner – please use the available parking area and do not block the driveway.