Hunter Brook Preserve

Hunter Brook Preserve

Beekman Court (off Hunter Brook Road)
45 acres

The Hunter Brook Preserve in Yorktown covers 45 acres along the stream corridor of the Hunter Brook, an important tributary of the Croton Reservoir. In an area that is under increasing development pressure, the presence of the preserve protects the stream habitat and the quality of the water that flows into the Croton Reservoir. Westchester Land Trust acquired it in late 2000 as part of a nearby housing subdivision.

Natural habitats on the preserve, in addition to the stream and riparian corridor, include wetlands, scrub/shrub, and upland forest. The stream is broad and fairly straight in the northern section and tends toward serpentine in the south, where some islands have formed.

The Hunter Brook and the woods surrounding it provide some of the best wildlife habitat in northwestern Westchester. Mink and muskrat use the stream corridor, brook trout, sunfish, suckers and bluegills can be found in the brook itself, wood frogs and spotted salamanders inhabit the wetlands and adjacent woods, and barred owls, great-horned owls, wood thrushes and many other birds nest in the area. The Yorktown Land Trust holds a conservation easement on the preserve and the Hunter Brook is available for fishing with a New York State license.

Read about WLT’s Enhancement Initiative at the preserve.

Directions: You can access Hunter Brook Preserve from Beekman Court off of Hunter Brook Road in Yorktown. The entrance is approximately 100 yards in on the left side of Beekman Court. Parking is clearly marked along the left side of the road, just past the trailhead. Follow signs from the road down the hill, toward the bridge to access the trail network.