Frederick P. Rose Preserve and Rock Shelter Preserve

Frederick P. Rose Preserve

North Salem Road (Route 121)
112 acres

Covering woods, old fields and wetlands, the Frederick P. Rose Preserve and the Rock Shelter Preserve are a key link in the Eastern Westchester Biotic Corridor, a 22,000-acre swath of land noted for its regionally-important diversity of wildlife. Hikers and equestrians who use the trail system will find old stone walls a field of high-bush blueberries and the ruins of old buildings that were part of Brady Farm in the 19th century.

The preserves are a combination of parcels given to Westchester Land Trust by John Todd Mead, Ltd., Rock Shelter Road Homeowners Association, Adam R. Rose, Waccaboro Corp., and Victor Weingarten and Roy Neuberger. Mr. Rose’s contribution covers 20 acres of open upland fields on the preserve dedicated to the memory of Mr. Rose’s father, the late builder and philanthropist Frederick P. Rose.

Read about the Frederick P. Rose Preserve Habitat Enhancement Initiative.

Directions: The Frederick P. Rose Preserve is located on North Salem Road (Rt. 121) in Lewisboro. It has two entrances. The southern portion is accessible via a trail directly across from the east end of Todd Road. You must park your car at the end of Todd Road and cross Route 121 to get to the WLT Preserve sign marking the trailhead. The central portion of the Frederick P. Rose Preserve is accessible via a common driveway off the east side of Rt. 121, 70 yards north of Todd Road. A small parking lot is at the end of the common drive.

The Rock Shelter Preserve is accessible via a trailhead on Chapel Road (just east of the Right-Of- Way) however, parking is not permitted along this stretch of Chapel Road. You are encouraged to visit the Rock Shelter Preserve via the Frederick P. Rose Preserver trail system.

These three trailheads provide preserve visitors access to the trail network (three trails) which spans both Preserves.